Book Covers

The things I am writing straddle genres to some extent, but I think the best category right now is paranormal romance.

I am trying to read more paranormal romances to get a good idea of what is good in the genre and what isn’t so good. The first not-so-good? The book covers.

I started with the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. From the covers and titles, you get the idea that the books contain vampire characters and most likely some steamy scenes. But, the covers are understated enough that you don’t mind (a) buying the books at a store and (b) carrying them around with you to read at lunch or whenever.

Then I started looking for other books in the genre to read. I came across such titles as Dark Needs at Night’s Edge and My Immortal Protector.

And don’t even get me started on the book covers featured at Bitten by Books!

I’m certain these are perfectly fine books. But the covers are a huge turn-off for me. What do you think about these book covers? Do they make you want to buy the book? Ignore the book? Buy it online and cover it with brown paper?

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