Book Review: Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny

Overcoming Underearning is a combination narrative and workbook designed to help you break through your earning blocks and begin earning what you are worth.

It is no secret that many writers work for low wages, whether they are on staff, writing for revenue share sites, or taking low-paying freelance jobs. And many times, the reason these writers settle for these low wages comes down to a lack of confidence. Writers often fail to realize their own worth and, thus, settle for low wages.

Barbara Stanny would argue that this lack of self-confidence may be based on deep-seated beliefs that they are simply not the type of people who could ever earn a lot of money. She provides guided questions to help readers determine how their beliefs about money and the people who have it affect their own ability to earn more money.

This is not new territory. The popular self-help books Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and Rich Dad, Poor Dad both address how belief affects earning potential. But Stanny brings a new way of addressing those beliefs that I believe can be more effective. Where the Millionaire Mind and Rich Dad authors simply tell their readers to stop having negative beliefs about money, Stanny uses journal exercises and questionnaires to help readers understand where their beliefs came from and how they can address and change them.

These exercises are of particular use to writers who need to earn more money — we all journal already, so it is easy to add the guided  exercises to the regular rotation and use them to follow the steps Stanny outlines to break through our own personal earnings barriers.

Have you read this book? If so, how did the steps work for you?

What are your personal earnings challenges?

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