Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

What does Who Moved My Cheese have to do with writing? You mean besides the lesson that you can write a book about darn near anything?

Seriously, there were two lessons I got from the book that are helping me build my writing business.

  1. Don’t resist change. Markets change, and if you are looking to write for a living, you need to be flexible enough to adapt to that change. One change we are navigating is in the delivery method of our writing. It is possible that printed magazines and books may go the way of celluloid, without the spontaneous combustion. We need to be able to shift our methods to take advantage of the new delivery methods. Edited to add: I just got my Writer’s Digest email newsletter, and they are discussing the future of print magazines here: Personally, I think print will stay around for a while, but it will be augmented even more with online content. And, I’m not averse to ebooks. I like the ability to carry multiple books without giving myself a massive backache. And an ebook reader would help me avoid the issues I have with book covers. (Come back Thursday to find out my thoughts on that topic.)
  2. Believe in your success. Writing can be a very depressing undertaking. Rejections pile up, and if you let them discourage you, you will never reach your potential. But if you keep a positive attitude, and learn from missteps, you will achieve the success that is within you. This is very much based on the law of attraction, the extremely popular new age idea that the universe gives you what you wish for, as long as you truly believe in what you are wishing for and that you continue to show gratitude for the things you receive.

This is a short book, and an even shorter audiobook. I personally recommend the audiobook, especially if you commute a long way.

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