Differentiate Your Social Media

Over the past few weeks, I have been looking at my social media channels, how users interact with them, and how the different channels work best.

I am offering this info to you to help you best use the various channels you have access to.


You can follow me at @jenroland, and there you will find all of my blog posts here and on Mom-amo, links to writing and ed tech stories I am sharing, and random conversations with my followers.

I like Twitter for synchronous and asynchronous conversations and sharing the topics that are most popular and interesting right now.


Facebook is the place you will find Mom-amo. All Mom-amo blog posts will link from there, and I will use that space to post links to websites, blog posts, and other resources for green living, saving money, healthy weight loss, and other useful tips for moms and families.

I like Facebook for building engagement over a niche topic and allowing users to interact on their own time. If you are ready to work on your own Facebook community, read this article from Entrepreneur on building engagement on Facebook.


I maintain this blog for writers and ed tech leaders, Pop Culture Curmudgeon for my random pop culture analysis, and Mom-amo for green parenting and weight loss.

The ISTE Ning

Look for my ed tech sharings on the ISTE Ning. This community is a great place to learn about the latest in ed tech, so I hope to see you join me there.

These are great ways to help readers know what to expect and to keep from boring readers who are interested in different topics. If you blog about more than one disparate niche, I strongly encourage you to set up different blogs.

How do you use social media to interact with fans or potential clients? Which type of use works best for you on each different channel? Are you finding that, like Chris Brogan, you are using Google+ more than your other social media tools?

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