Set Goals Now To Earn More Money in 2013

Right now, you’re probably just thinking about how to get through the holidays. But, you’ve got a whole bright, shiny year looming just around the corner. Now is the time to set some annual goals to make 2013 the best year for your writing business.

Start Big

What is your dream income goal? $20K? $50K? $100K+? It doesn’t matter what the goal is or whether you think it is actually achievable at this point. Just put down the number you want.

Break It Down

If your goal is $100,000 in annual income, you need to bill just over $8,000 a month. Still sounds like a lot, huh?

Break it down farther. That is $2,000 per week, assuming you take two weeks off completely for a vacation.

Even farther. Can you earn $400 per day? Assuming you work four billable hours and your rate is on the $100 an hour range, you probably can. (Not earning $100 an hour yet? The Freelance Writers Den can help you get the support, skills, and confidence you need to earn the big bucks.) (My affiliate link.)

Look at Your Options

What types of writing can you do to earn $100 an hour? Well, what industries do you know well? Can you target businesses in that industry for blogging, white papers, case studies, or other types of business content?

Are there trade magazines serving those businesses? Send them a letter of introduction to see if they are interested in contracting you for articles.

Get Specific

Once you know how much you want to earn and who you want to earn it from, you can get into the fun part of goal setting: the tasks you will take on every day to reach your big goal.

If trade magazines are where you want to focus your energy, set a goal to send X letters of introduction to trades in your chosen industry each week. Look for a number that allows you to personalize each letter but still keeps you active enough to win the numbers game. (How do you win the numbers game? By sending out so many letters or pitches that (a) you don’t freak out about getting a personal response to each one and (b) you’ve got to get some nibbles.)

Once you hit the trades in your niche industry(ies) and get a few assignments, look at other periodicals put out by the same publisher. Send letters of introduction to their editors.

After you get published in those magazines, go after their competitors. Continually leverage each assignment to increase your bankability as a freelance writer.

And yes, the same strategy can apply to businesses. Send letters of introduction. Get assignments. Use those assignments to get more assignments. Earn a boatload of money.

Sound good? Share your goals on your own blog or here in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you will do to be a more profitable writer in 2013.

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