Freelancers You Should Follow

Twitter is all about connections and networking, right?

Well, here are some of the essential people to follow on Twitter to help you build your freelance career. (Listed in no particular order)

@DebNG: Deb is the founder of the Freelance Writing Jobs blog. She tweets about the freelance life and when she has new posts or job leads. Deb is an advocate for fair pay for freelance work.

@QueryFreeWriter: Jennifer Mattern runs this group and associated Twitter account. I’ve included quite a few of her posts on freelancing in my roundups. The goal is to clue freelancers in about career paths that focus less on a life of writing query after query and more on billable projects.

@FreelanceFolder: Tips and posts to help you lead a successful freelance life.

@FreelanceSW: Another great source for tips about leading a successful freelance life.

@WendyBurt: Wendy Burt provides information about contests, interviews with successful writers, and advice based on her experience as a full-time freelance writer.

@LFormichelli: Another full-time freelancer, Linda Formichelli offers training in various aspects of freelance writing.

@thewritermama: Christina Katz is the author of Writer Mama and Get Known Before the Book Deal, two essential components of any writers’ toolkit. Writer Mama provides advice for building a writing career around kids, but the advice applies for any writer who has limited time.

@TXWriter: Laura Spencer is a writer and blogger. She hosts a great blog and tweets about her new posts–and other topics.

@standoutcopy: Ellen Buchine is a freelance copywriter. She shares tips for creating clean, effective copy and using words wisely.

@JaneFriedman: Jane Friedman is the publisher of Writer’s Digest/

@bakercom1: Pam Baker is another freelancer. She provides a model of how to use Twitter to find writing gigs and sources.

@AnneWayman: Anne Wayman runs the About Freelance Writing blog.

@mariaschneider: Maria is a freelancer who used to be the editor of Writer’s Digest. She tweets interesting resources for writers.

@WritersDigest: Official Twitter account for the writer’s bible.

@MediaBistro: MediaBistro is a site targeted toward media professionals.

@AvantGuild: The members-only section of the Media Bistro web site. This account tweets about events and courses.

What about you? Who do you follow in Twitter? What blogs about writing can you simply not live without?

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2 thoughts on “Freelancers You Should Follow”

  1. I guess now I’ll definately need to think about twitter. I’m not quite on the band wagon yet. I think I’d be the 140 character girl all the time. My mind doesn’t work all that well with small things like Twitter.

    That’s why I suspect I like blogs so much. Although I was slow with that as well.

  2. I’m frequently the 165-character girl who has to edit down to fit.

    I love Twitter, but it does have drawbacks. It is easy to lose track of a thread, and it is was too easy to get sucked in for hours on end.

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