Go Beyond Craigslist to Find Writing Jobs

Craigslist can be a great source of writing jobs, but it can be littered with scam artists and postings for free content. Last time I checked, my mortgage company doesn’t care a thing about any exposure I get from writing for free–they prefer that I use actual money I have earned to make my monthly payment. I’m assuming you are all in the same situation, but if you have found a creditor who takes exposure in trade for payments, let me know!

Because making money doing what I love is my goal, I have learned to look beyond craigslist to find jobs.

  1. Network in person. Attend local networking events to meet people, hand out your business cards, and put a face to a name. That personal connection can help you be top of mind when the business owners you meet need a writer.
  2. Look at non-journalism job boards. There are a lot of non-specific job boards you can use to find writing work. For example, if you have expertise in a field that has a nonprofit associated with it, you can look at job boards specifically posting nonprofit jobs. Search for your field to find associations tied to that field or generalize a little with a search for “writer” or “freelance.”
  3. Use postings for full-time jobs to help you find markets to query. Typically, a person gives two weeks notice when they leave a job. Unless there is a succession plan in place, the company takes at least four weeks to replace the person. During that time, they may need a little extra contract help to get them through the hiring process and the first month or two of the new employee’s tenure. If you do a stellar job, you may be able to get regular work even from a company that didn’t plan to use contract help in the long term. You can find these opportunities in the local paper or local online classifieds.

Where do you go to find work?

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