How Life Affects Your Writing Career

Becoming a mother has changed my perspective on what is important and how I should spend my time. It has forced me to find more balance between my writing and my family life. I have been reminded daily that even if you don’t believe it takes a village to raise a child, it definitely takes one to raise a child and a writing career!

My village has included my husband who watches the baby while I write, my mother who does the same, and Christina Katz, who I took a class from this year. Her encouragement and help got me back in the habit of writing and submitting. I highly recommend her courses to anyone looking to begin or invigorate a writing career.

Christina’s class also helped me see that me new motherhood has opened a whole new range of markets and topics related to pregnancy and parenthood. I’ve got some pieces in the works in that new area of specialty.

How can you leverage your life changes to push your career in new directions?

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