Keeping Up with Social Media

I love blogging, and I am like a crack-whore for Twitter. Facebook seems like too much work, MySpace seems like a place for pedophiles to find teen victims, and You Tube is unwieldy.

I have allowed myself to feel undue amounts of guilt for not keeping my Facebook page up, and for not connecting with family and friends more frequently on my personal Facebook page. I’m trying to move beyond that.

I am learning that I can’t do everything. I have too many responsibilities to waste my time feeling guilty about underusing certain social media tools. I also have too many responsibilities to devote to more than two social media tools on a regular basis.

I am sorry Facebook lovers, but I’m not going to be updating their frequently. I am not even going to bother with MySpace or FriendFeed or the others. Twitter and blogging are it for me right now. It is important to focus on doing what you can do well and enjoy.

Now, I have four blogs and three Twitter accounts, so I am spreading myself out there and allowing my different audiences to connect with me in a way that works for both of us. I just don’t think anyone will be well served by me adding even more social media to my repertoire right now. That could change in the future. When I have fewer projects at the day job and in my writing, I might be able to handle more social media. We’ll see.

What social media tools do you prefer? What are most important for a writer? What choices have you made to better manage your online time?

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