More on Writing in the Cloud

A couple weeks ago, I asked whether you were writing in the cloud.

Since then, I moved some of my documents to Google Docs, and I love it. I know the files exist in an easily accessible location no matter which computer I am using.

The only drawback is that I frequently use my Netbook in areas where I have no Internet access. (Yes, I know it seems silly to use a Netbook without the Internet, but I bought it for size and portability, too.) If I know what I will be working on, though, I just download it to my hard drive before I leave the house. This method of working has the added benefit of adding an extra backup of the file, which pleases me to no end.

I don’t use Google Documents for everything. The novel and novella still live on my hard drive—the type of writing I do for those pieces just isn’t conducive to a quick in and out. I need to focus, and I frequently need to turn off my wireless Internet to minimize my distractions.

But Google Docs is perfect for short stories, articles in progress, query letters, and assignments for my Perfect Pitching class. (I am loving the class so far, by the way. I’ll post a review at the end.) I also keep my submissions tracking spreadsheet there.

Let me know how you are using the cloud.

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