New Adobe Stylus Can Help Freelance Writers Be More Productive and Creative

Adobe announced some cool new apps and pricing models this morning. As an ed tech writer, I was there to learn more about the education applications of these new tools.

But, the new stylus, Adobe Ink, really piques my interest as a freelancer.

I always coveted a Wacom tablet, but I don’t do enough illustration to justify the cost. But Adobe’s new Ink stylus will work with a recent iPad (one that runs iOS 7), and the apps that take full advantage of its capabilities are free. You can use the stylus as a regular stylus in other apps.

Think about how you could use a cloud-enabled stylus on the go. Capturing ideas and quick sketches of concepts. Jotting notes faster than you can type them using the keyboard. Or engaging in free writing exercises using real handwriting. Sharing ideas with your clients and colleagues (remember, it’s cloud-enabled).

Will you be adding the new Adobe Ink stylus to your bag of freelancing tools?

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