Non-technology Tools

All of you who visit me know I’m a techie kind of girl. I like my computer. I like my iPod. I like my cell phone. But there are some other tools that help me with my writing.

1. Dave laptop desk from Ikea

This desk is super-cheap ($18) and makes it easy to sit on the couch and write without getting laptop burns on your lap.

2. Interlibrary loan

My local library has a good selection of writing books–there are a lot of writers in the Portland area, and we need a lot of books. Interlibrary loan makes the collection awesome. Check with your local library to see if they do interlibrary loan and how you can search the catalogs of other libraries to get access to the books you need.

3. My Circa Notebook

I love all of the little pouches and pockets and the interchangeable pages of different sizes. The best feature for me right now is the pocket where I can stow my receipts for business purchases immediately–no more scramble at the end of the year to find the receipts in my various purses and drawers.

4. Sugar-free Rock Star

I know this isn’t good for me, but it keeps my mind active so that I can use my evenings to make good progress. After a long day of writing at work and two hours of commuting,I need the kick to keep myself going.

What are your go-to tools to keep your writing life going?

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