Happy woman reading book, sitting on couch“A book of very original interviews, ’10 TAKES: Pacific Northwest Writers – Perspectives on Writing’ is a must have for any writer. ” — M.C. Simon (Read full review.)

“I really appreciated the straightforward, down-to-earth approach each of the writers took to discussing craft and career. ” — Katherine Hajer (Read full review.)

“The selection of writers interviewed covers a wide range of styles. I enjoyed reading about how they got started, as well as how they keep the creative fires burning.” — AJ Liddle (from Amazon)

5 stars I love this book! As an author myself, I'm endlessly curious about other writer's stories, how they got started, what gets 'em going, and why they choose to live in the places that they do. The types of authors is very diverse and there is a great mix of well-established and lesser-known authors. It is a highly motivating book for any writer.

4 stars Great interviews with local authors from different genres. As a non-writer but appreciator of books, plays and poetry, I enjoyed reading about the process these authors go through in starting, completing, promoting and publishing their works. Jennifer Roland was able to extract some great stories, including very candid discussion on the emotional processing involved.