What’s in an Email Address? Send the Right Message with a Professional Mailto Link

One of the services I provide is email newsletters. In managing newsletters and lists for different clients, I have come across a variety of email addresses. Some are great, but some send a very unprofessional image.

I get the desire for a cutesy handle. And I know that sometimes you create a personal email address that you would never think of using for business. Back on the day, during my rampant Twin Peaks obsession, I used the name LauraP22390 on AOL and a host of other Internet services. Now, though, I stick with something simple: jennifer@jennifer-roland.com. It leaves no question as to my identity, and it doesn’t embarrass me or make me look unprofessional.

Here are some tips to help you pick an email address that works for you.

Create a New Address

Your friends may love to call you the hippy mama, but potential clients might be scared off by such a casual moniker. Keep your personal life personal by creating a brand new email address for your business.

Keep It Simple

Try using your name. Easy to remember, and helps your clients and potential clients keep you straight from other writers.

Build on Your Brand

Tea Silvestre has branded herself as The Word Chef, and all of her materials, including her URL and email address, build on that. If you have a brand tag, use it in your email address.

Make a Promise

If you are the right writer for the job, let people know that by putting in your email address. jennifer@therightwriter.com has a nice ring to it, right?

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Whatever you do, don’t put “cheap” or another word that can limit your potential income in your email address. You don’t want to make people think that low prices are the only thing you bring to the table. You gotta put food on the table and keep a roof over your head, after all.

The exception? If frugality is your brand, which is the case for the crew at Frugal Living NW or for the Cheap Green Mommy.

What are some great email addresses or domain names you’ve seen? And what are some of the worst?

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