Writing Roundup, April 30

The Business of Writing

Stop Being Afraid of Posting Your Work Online
Jane Friedman posts at Writer Unboxed about why you should share your writing online.

Be Slightly Afraid of Posting Your Work Online
And the response by Chuck Sambuchino. Where do you fall on the issue?

The Old Girls’ Club
Will the iPad topple the Kindle? I read my ebooks on my iPod In my day job (and previous day jobs I have held), there has been a distinct feeling that women are still striving to catch up with the men. How funny, then, to think that there is a business niche where the roles are reversed. Women writers, do you feel as if we exclude the dudes? And men, do you find it hard to break into a female field?

Making Money
Oh my! An agent who admits that her goal is to represent books that sell. We writers can remember that although we can write whatever we want, the books we send to agents and editors should be books that will sell.

On Rejection
A nice, measured post about why an agent might reject your query/proposal.

Creative Content Recycling: Are You Wasting Your Garbage?
What do you do with the research that just never makes it into your article or book? Do you scrap it, or do you try to turn it into other products? For freelancers, this could be another article. For novelists, it could be blog posts and articles you send to magazines to help build buzz for your book.

Best Resources for Successful Writers of the Future
Publishing is in a time of transition, and those of us who wish to be successful in the future need to get ready. Jane Friedman pulls together a great set of resources here.


What Is Self-Editing, and Why Should We Do It?
Author Jody Hedlund gives great tips on how to edit your own work. Self-editing is hard, because your brain fills in the gaps and fixes your errors, but it is an essential component of getting our work ready to be published.

We’ve Got Style
No, author L.J. Sellers isn’t talking about clothes and shoes. Instead, she is applying the guidelines from the Chicago Manual of Style to numbers in fiction. If you aren’t familiar with the common style manuals (Chicago, AP, MLA), it wouldn’t be a bid idea to look through them to see what you can learn about spelling, grammar, proper names and trademarks, and so on. No one expects you to memorize the whole thing, but it is good to have a guideline to keep certain things consistent throughout your manuscript.


7 Reasons Agents Stop Reading Your First Chapter
Great tips on what might be wrong with your novel. Assess your first chapter as if you were an agent or editor. Does it fall into any of these categories? If so, how can you fix it?

Troubles with Twist Endings
Does your story/book end with a twist? Did you set it up so that it is believable in your fictional world? If not, then you might want to do a round of revisions where you do set it up so that it will work for your readers.

Dialogue Tricks
Do your characters all sound the same? If so, do they speak like you? (I’ve definitely been guilty of this sin a time or two.) Victoria Janssen has tips to help you make your characters distinct. I think of it as creating a character as an actor. Look at their motivations, backgrounds, and personalities, then use those characteristics to create authentic dialogue.


How to Find Online Writing Markets and Write for the Web
Writing for the web can be a huge challenge for those of us trained in print. For example, the conventions for titles are vastly different. If you look at my early posts, I did the cutesy print title thing. But, I learned my lesson since then, and I now use titles that describe the material I’m posting. Anyway, this post gives you easy-to-follow tips to move into the online market, if you haven’t already.

Prospering from Personal Essays
Have you thought about writing essays for publication? Abigail Green guests at Christina Katz’s blog and discusses how to get your essays published.

Should You Tattle on a Bad Client?
I think no, at least not publicly. What would it take for you to burn a bridge with a client?


How Freelancers Are Using Social Media for Real Results
Good ideas to increase your social media presence and the benefits you receive from it.

The 5 Old Blogging Rules Killing Your Readership
Lisa Barrone gives us permission not to post every day!

Does Your Time Spent Online Help Book Sales?
Startling statistics that show the importance of spending time online (wisely) to build your personal brand.

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