Writing Roundup, December 4

The Business of Writing

What Can I Expect of My Agent?
Moonrat posts a nice description of what you can expect in your relationship with your agent. Read this post, then visit agent Kate Schafer Testerman’s blog for a follow-up and expansion on the ideas from an agent’s point of view.

Publishing Your Book: Is It Worth It? (Or, the Costs of Publishing)
Rebecca Emrich looks at the financial and emotional costs of publishing. We all pursue that goal with such determination, but it has some non-monetary costs that we don’t always anticipate.


How to Respond to a Manuscript Critique/Editorial Letter
Agent Nathan Bransford moves into the craft section this week as he gives solid tips to help you deal with feedback and criticism of your work. Remember that no matter how much you love your story or characters, you must also take a detached perspective and look at your work without emotion in the shoes of your ideal reader.

Hitchcock, The Birds, and Me
Writer Joanna D’Angelo discusses how a skilled storyteller can manipulate the audience into empathizing with even the least sympathetic character. How can you apply Hitchcock’s techniques to your own work?

What We Learn from Writing
Agent Rachelle Gardner opened up her blog to her writer followers. She asked what they had learned and experienced during NaNoWriMo. See what they said, then let me know if you agreed or if your experiences differed.

Tips to Maximize Research
Tricia Goyer gives some great tips to help you make the most of your research time. The more efficient your research time is, the more time you have for the actual writing, right?


Interview with John Olson
Randy Ingermanson discusses the concept of “writing in the shadows” with John Olson. Olson provides some great advice that I know will help my fiction. How can you apply his lessons to your own projects?


Tough Mommies Work at Home
Do you dream of an easy life of working at home as a freelance writer? According to this post, easy may never be part of your vocabulary.

10 Ways Twitter Helps Me to Become a Better Freelance Writer
Is your social media a time waster or a skill builder? Deb Ng has some ideas to help you ensure that you build skills and your client base while you work online.


Upcoming Classes
Platform master Christina Katz is offering some courses that could help you build your writing business in the coming year.

Creative Ways to Use Your Email Signature
Do you build your platform constantly? If so, you probably already use your email signature to build new business or market your work. If not, Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen has some ideas to help you leverage that tool.

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