Writing Roundup, June 12

The Business of Writing

Making Time for Real Life
As the lazy days of summer approach, many of we writers are looking for balance between our work and home lives. (Some of us work at home, making it even more confusing.) L.J. Sellers posts her short-term, non-writing to-do list. What’s on your list?

Is it a wise choice or a big mistake? Agent Jessica Faust would prefer that authors not go the self-published or POD route before querying her.

The Desire to Be Published
Writer Victoria Janssen explores her own need for validation (aka publication). Why do you want to be published? Or, do you write just for the fun of it, never seeking publication?

Rescuscitating the Muse
Nothing like a reminder that even writers who have received that golden carrot of publication get bogged down in the mire of despair that we call writer’s block. Minnette Meador gives her “Why I Write” list, which is one way to bring back the love of writing if you’ve lost it.

This Is a Blog
Oh, agents and their quirky desire that we writers use words correctly. Nathan Bransford gives a little tip about how to personalize letters to him–describe his blog correctly, for starters.


First Draft in 30 Days…Recommend or Not?
Rebecca isn’t quite sure what to make of the book First Draft in 30 Days. It’s author claims that it is possible to create a compelling first draft that will require little editing–and to do it in a tight time frame. Do you buy it?

Top Ten Things I Know about Editing
Alexandra Sokoloff stops by The Blood-Red Pencil to share her wisdom about the editing process. She offers some great tips. (For more on editing–because, who doesn’t want to read more about editing–see Rebecca’s 12-part series, which begins here.)


The Link
Author C.J. Lyons explores the missing link between cave drawings and modern stories. Turns out people have always looked for stories that illuminate the human condition and provide a little entertainment. But we all knew that, right?

Plot Progressions
Elle Scott provides an example of a plot progression that helps keep your WIP moving.

Cross My Genre
With all of the cross-genre works out there, how do you decide which genre is your best fit?


Who Sets Your Freelance Writing Rates?
Many freelancers, especially those just starting out, wait for the client to quote a rate. I mean, you don’t want to turn them off by quoting way too high or way too low for their expectations? Unfortunately, many of us are shooting ourselves in the foot. I added rates to my freelance writing and editing page, and I suggest that you do the same. Figure out how much you need to earn and then look at other freelancers to see what they charge. Then have a firm set of starting rates that will allow you to enter negotiations on solid footing.

How to Get Freelance Writing Referrals Even If You’re New
Jennifer Mattern again provides excellent advice. We all know that word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising, and Jennifer gives tips to help get that all-important WOM.

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