Writing Roundup, June 24

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The Business of Writing

  • Amanda Hocking, Storyseller: A nice profile of Hocking and her success.
  • Book Expo’s Sorry Turn: This person thinks book’s are dying. Do you agree?
  • A Literary Father’s Day Weekend: Stories from writers and their kids.
  • Can’t Shake the Devil’s Hand and Say You’re Only Kidding: Why one Seattle shop has said “no thank you” to books published under Amazon’s Thomas & Mercer mystery imprint.
  • Ebook Sales Down? Are you freaking out that there was a dip in ebook sales? JA Konrath isn’t, and neither should you. Unless you bet three year’s income that ebook sales would be up in June.
  • What If Those Pesky Agents Don’t Bite? First, I have to say how sad I am that I missed Randy Ingermanson’s talk at the Willamette Writer’s meeting this month. I would have to do much more finessing to be able to get baby home to daddy and get to the Old Church on time that I have been able to handle so far, but this one would have been so good! Anyway, here is Randy’s advice if agents aren’t jumping over each other to sign you after you present your novel.


  • Courage to Write: Tips from an Anxious Bestselling Author: If you are nervous about writing, print this post and keep it on your bulletin board to keep you motivated.
  • A Good Reviewer Sees Things in Your Writing That You Might Not Have: Kim Falconer shares her response to a review of her work. I am awaiting some reviewer feedback on one of my short stories, and I can’t wait to see what I can learn from it.
  • http://allfreelancewriting.com/2011/06/24/freelancing/making-money/think-twice-about-writing-for-revenue-share/

  • All Superheroes Know Their Strengths: A nice look at how self-assessment tools such as the Strengths Finder can help us improve as writers. I have done the Strengths Finder, and it has given me the power to focus my energy on what I am good at (Strategic, Intellection, Empathy, Ideation, Learner) and look for support for those I am less strong in. (See, “less strong” not “weak.” Our words have the power to life us or crush us. Use your words especially carefully when you are talking to or about yourself.)
  • Tricky Words: Past/Passed, Except/Accept: Straight from an English teacher, this advice will help you use the right words.


  • On Character Authenticity: As part of their Pride Week series, Dear Author has interviewed some LGBT writers about creating true characters. Great advice here.
  • Five Openings to Avoid: Okay. I will be honest. My novel WIP currently opens with a wake up. But it works–I swear. Actually, I will probably kill the actual waking up. It is a crutch for me, and it is unnecessary.




  • Mortgage Challenges for the Self-Employed: Jenn Mattern shares her concerns with mortgage shopping as a successful self-employed businessperson. Have you had successes or challenges getting financing without a full-time gig?
  • Think Twice about Writing for Revenue Share: Jenn Mattern gives a great list of why content writing for revenue share is a bad deal for writers. If you are being lured by a revenue share deal based on promises of unlimited earning potential, print this out and keep it posted where you can see it.

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