Writing Roundup, May 1

Can you believe it’s already May? I can’t either. Here are some good resources to help you start your writing month off right.

The Business of Writing

Perception Is Truth
Writing Career Coach Tiffany Colter takes a fresh look on book marketing. She reminds us that readers don’t make decisions based on fact but on their gut instincts, their perception of a book. How can you use that knowledge to shape your own book marketing?

Money: The Balance Between Spending It and Making It
In a post targeted to freelancers, Jennifer Mattern gives tips to help you decide when you should spend your own money, your hard-earned writing money, or look for free alternatives.

The Agent Who Knew Too Much
Do you want a grizzled veteran or a wet-behind-the-ears newbie representing you? Agent Jenny Bent gives a description of each, with their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide ho might be a better fit for you.

(Accidental) Networking for Writers
What comes to mind when you think of networking? For me, it is an exhausting evening of gladhanding slightly tipsy businessmen. Bella Andre had similar visions of networking until she realized that it isn’t sleazy; in fact, networking with a like-minded group of people can be downright fun.


Jeri Smith-Ready on World Building
Where will your fiction take place? In our world? In the seedier undercurrents of our society, be they crime, supernatural, sexual, etc.? In a completely different world with completely different rules? No matter what your setting is, you must make sure it rings true to your readers. Jeri Smith-Ready talks about the different ways she builds the worlds of her urban fantasy books.

Casting the Bones: The Truth about Telling Lie
Not technically a new resource, but Janet Reid included a link to it this week on her blog. She called it a must-read for all fiction authors.


Three Ways to Find Those Elusive Unadvertised Freelance Jobs
Have you driven yourself mad responding to freelance writer jobs, only to find out they pay less than a penny a word or to not even get an email in response? Jennifer Mattern has some tips to recast your freelance gig search that may hold the answer for you.

Writing a Solid Contract
A contract isn’t a foolproof scam repellent, but it can protect you and help you recover if you are scammed. Here are tips to ensure that you write a contract that offers your protection.

General Writing Tips

Writer’s Block…A Thing of the Past
Nadia Ballas-Ruta shares tips to help you banish writer’s block.

Writing Every Day
Do you write every day? I had always heard that advice, but usually people suggested “even if it’s in a journal.” I have a long and sordid history with paper journals. I buy them because I love how they look, and I write in them once or twice. Then six months later, I buy a new one. Same story. I started my Pop Culture Curmudgeon blog as a means of forcing myself to write every day outside of work. Here, Carrie Vaughn shares her approach to a daily writing schedule.

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