Writing Roundup, May 7

The Business of Writing

Is DRM More Costly Than Piracy?
An interesting look at a new way of providing ebooks to readers. Where do you stand on the piracy issue? Do you think DRM is the solution to piracy?

Micromagazines and the Future of Media
Seth Godin discusses the potential market for highly targeted, well designed epublications. Are you ready to start your own micromag?

Buyers of E-books Still Like Print Too, Survey Shows
What? People who like books are less interested in format than in content? Craziness! Seriously, though, I think print will go away eventually, but it will be a long time.

Are E-books and E-readers Really in Danger?
The iPad is being billed as the Kindle-killer by some. Will this happen?

Google Book Editions and a New World Order in Publishing
I talked on Wednesday about writing in the cloud. How about publishing in the cloud?

You’re Not Wasting My Time
Yes, agents complain a lot about mis-directed and bad queries, but they do need to see your dueries. Take the advice you read on agent blogs about researching the agent and preparing a proper query, then query. You’ll never get an agent if you don’t query them.

Example Book Proposal
Are you ready to write your book proposal, but not sure where to start? This is a guide to get you going. If you’re not ready, bookmark it so you can come back to it when you are ready. (And, maybe set a goal for when that will be.)


Handling Critiques Without Getting Defensive
It is such a challenge to hear criticism of your work, even when the goal is simply to give you the tools to make it even better. These tips can help you stay calm while you are in the situation.

An Interview with Christina Katz about Author Mama
This interview includes some great tips about how to reuse some of your leftover content from other projects. Do you have any leftovers that would make a good ebook offering?

Liven Up Your Stories with Interviews
You have amazing stories to tell and awesome ways to say everything. But, how much more powerful will your stories be if you include other voices? Cindy Hudson tells you how to find those voices.


Marina’s Notes on Deborah Schneider’s Presentation on Writing Romance for Publication
I attended Deborah’s session on April 18, and it was great. Here are the official notes from the Northwest Author Series blog. Not a romance author? Skim the portions on specific romance sub-genres but take her advice on researching your market.

The Eloquent Narrator: On Nuance, Physicality, and Riffing
Are your metaphors strong? This post gives great examples of strong, emotional ways to use metaphor to paint a picture for the reader.


252 Free Things for Freelance Writers

How to Know If You Are Freelance Editor Material
Are you thinking about adding editing to your list of services? If so, look at this post to decide if that type of work is right for you.

Seven Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy
Do you struggle to keep your energy high during your work day? Or do you find it hard to keep focused on your freelance projects after coming home from the day job? These tips might help.

3 Excuses That Are Keeping You from Building a Successful Freelance Writing Career
I know I am guilty of letting these excuses and negative beliefs derail my career growth. And that is one of the reasons I signed up for Christina Katz’s Pitching Practice class that starts next week. I’ll keep you up-to-date on how it goes for me.


13 Don’ts I Learned While Writing, Editing, and Promoting My Book
Marketing ideas to avoid when it is time to get your book out there.

Robust Marketing Plans Are on Multiple Fronts
Yes, you do need a marketing plan to get your book/writing business out there.

What Authors Always Need to Have on Hand to Market Their Books
This was a bit of an eye opener. Business cards and bookmarks, check. But I don’t always have a copy of my book to use as a potential conversation starter.

Managing Multiple Identities Online (Avoid)
What do you think about having multiple online identities? I do it, but it is a challenge.

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